A Pirate Flag And An Island Girl

Feb 5

ChesneyOnlineProfilePic_smallIt’s been a few days since the debut of “Pirate Flag” and the No Shoes Nation is on fire for this song. There is good reason for all of the excitement.  As we sit in the dead of winter, cabin fever running through our veins, this song is a great escape from the blistering cold. As I mentioned in a previous article, I was looking forward to the fact that Kenny Chesney wrote 8 out of 10 songs on the new album “Life On A Rock”.  Well, things are looking great with the release of his first song, because “Pirate Flag” is not one of the 8 that Kenny wrote.  It was written by David Lee Murphy (“Living In Fast Forward,” “Dust On The Bottle”) and Russ Copperman.

The debut single has definitely become the new anthem of the No Shoes Nation and the upcoming summer of 2013.  The best part about it, is we have nine more songs that will get their shot at taking over the title of anthem. Anyone that considers themselves a member of the No Shoes Nation has a little bit of Pirate in them.  That gypsy soul that lies somewhere in their DNA and every once in a while finds a way to escape.  Whether it’s at a poolside tiki bar in your back yard, a day out on the boat, a weekend trip to the beach, an island getaway, a trip to the Florida Keys, or an all out “Island Boy” type life changing move, we all have a way to fly our own “Pirate Flag”.  That is why this song resonated so well with the entire No Shoes Nation.  As cold as it is here in Pittsburgh, I can already picture this song being played in the parking lot at PNC Park before our Pittsburgh Pirates take the field all summer long, and by the time he takes the stage at Heinz field on June 22nd, the Pittsburgh Nation will already know the lyrics of every song on the album.

I have the Pirate Flag and the Island girl, so I guess I can say “I traded it in for a whole other world. A Pirate flag and an Island Girl”. Now its time to let the wind blow us around on a one way trip to the Islands, and blast our anthem. To anyone out there that can relate to this song, let that little bit of Pirate out all summer long.

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“A Pirate Flag And An Island Girl”

  1. Avatar February 5th, 2013 at 7:58 am louise orlowski Says:

    thanks chad… glad your feeling a part of a good sensation too…

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